About B1 Developers

B1 Developers was founded in 2011 and have been creating standard and custom solutions for Business One ever since.

Most of our work have been with Resellers in Australia, the UK and Africa but we are open to working with Resellers from all coutries.

Our Goal

We want to help Business One customers grow faster and make more money by making Business One the best SME ERP system on the market.

Founder & CEO - Edu van Zyl

Edu has been working with SAP Business One since 2004 and has been servicing the IT Industry since 1995. He worked with Business One in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and the UK.

His passion is the improvement and growth of small businesses and see software as a key tool for enabling growth.

He also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pretoria in South Africa and an MBA from Bond University in Australia.