B1 Messenger

B1 Messenger is the new, easy way to create and send communications to you Business Partners from inside SAP Business One. It allows for Printing, sending Emails and sending SMS/Text messages.


Below are some of the key features of B1 Messenger.

Very quick Implementation

Comes with sensible default settings and templates to get you up-and-running in the shortest time.

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Use existing Crystal Reports Layouts

You can use your existing Crystal Reports Layouts. No need to add special text and/or items.

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Integrated HTML Editor

B1 Messenger has an integrated HTML Editor which makes it easy to create professional looking emails

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Send Remittances from Payment Wizard

Integrated into the Payment Wizard to allow sending your Remittances with just a few clicks.

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Easily send Payment Reminders

Provides a custom workflow for sending Payment Reminders for late payments.

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Powerful Mail Merge

Includes Mail Merge functionality to enable personalising messages as well as including details of documents.

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Easily send single document

Just right-click on a document and select 'Send with Messenger'.

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Automatically send documents

You can enable certain document types to be automatically sent.

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Very quick Implementation

B1 Messenger comes with sensible default settings and templates for most document types that you are likely to send out. This reduces the time needed to get up-and-running.

Once you have configured the basic connection settings and have confirmed the wording of messages that needs to be sent, you could be ready to start using B1 Messenger.

If you already have Crystal Report Layouts for the documents that you'd like to send then you could be operational in one to two hours.

Use existing Crystal Reports

B1 Messenger allows you to use you're existing Crystal Reports Layouts and can even use the layout defaults configured in SAP Business One.

No need to add special text or objects to the Crystal Report to enble sending. The Crysal Reports are in general used 'as-is' to either print or email, depending on the configuration of the templates and customer rules.

Integrated HTML Editor

The system comes with a very powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor to make it easy to create professinal looking emails.

You can easily add tables, links, color, font styles, images, etc. to make your emails look better than ever.

Send Remittances from the Payment Wizard

The last page of the Payment Wizard provides you with a link to send Remittance Advices for the current Payment Run.

This will open a window where you can confirm for which payments should be included and start the process of sending out the Remittance Advices.

Send Payment Reminders

B1 Messenger has a specific functions that allows you to quickly select a group of late Sales Invoices and then send out Payment Reminders for each invoice.

The groups are configurable (i.e. 0 to 30 days, 31 to 60 days, etc.) and a differnt template can be linked to each group. This allows you to easily tailor your message based on the lateness of the invoice.

Powerful Mail Merge

The HTML Editor also has advanced Mail Merge functionality that allows you to easily personalise your email messages by simply dragging one of the Merge Fields onto the editor.

The available merge fields are based on customisable SQL queries which enables you to include almost any SAP Business One database field in your mail merge.

Easily send a single document

If you need to quickly send a single document just open the document, right-click on it and select 'Send with Messenger'.

If default settings and a template has been defined for the document the system will use these settings and process it based on the Business Partners preferences (i.e. print, email or SMS).

Automatically send documents

By enabling the 'Auto Process' for a Document Type you're able to automatically send documents.

The system will use the default template and Business Partner preferences (i.e print, email and/or SMS) to process and send the document.

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