B1 Tools

B1 Tools is a SAP Business One Add-On providing modules for importing data and sending messages from inside SAP Business One.

B1 Messenger

B1 Messenger is the new and easy way to get your communications to your Business Partners. It allows you to Print, Email and/or SMS using customisable templates and rules.

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Custom Importer

The Custom Import module enables you to easily import SAP Business One Documents and Transactions from CSV files into SAP Business One.

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B1 XL Tools

An Excel Add-in providing various modules for importing data into SAP Business One.

Budget Importer

Import Budgets quickly from Excel into Business One using a more logical format, i.e. monthly values in columns instead of in a separate file.

You can also Export Budgets to Excel, modify them and them import them back.

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Journal Importer

Allows you to easily import a Journal or Journal Voucher from Excel into Business One.

This is ideal for financial staff who prepare month-end journals in Excel and them have to get them into Business One.

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Price Importer

Easily import item prices into Business One, including:

  • Period Discounts
  • Volume Discounts
  • Business Partner Special Prices

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B1 Print Server

A Windows Service and Application to enable automated printing, emailing and SMS/Text messaging of information from SAP Business One.

Local Printing

B1 Print Server allows you to automate the process of sending documents and information to your customers and suppliers.

It even works with documents that are imported or created via Add-Ons/SDK.

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